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Friendpaste—NEW VERSION!

Paste stuff to your friends.

Friendpaste is a code and text collaboration tool. anonymous wiki—OUR NEWEST PRODUCT!

Add your content and get started right away.

Couchit allow you to easily build and maintain your website.

Also from Enki Multimedia

django-authopenid (openid authentification on django), py-restclient (REST client in python),
py-simplecouchdb (a simple librairy to allow your python applicationto use CouchDB).


Most web services are too complex. Too many features, Too much bloat, Too much buzz words. We build small and simple products that fit your needs.


We're privatly-held Creil-based company commited to building the best web services possible with the most simple approach. Our products are simple, agile and new!


We take advantage of the most secure and flexible open-source technology available: Lighttpd for web serving, Python & Erlang for programming, MySQL for data, all optimized to work together on a stable, high-performance Linux and OpenBSD platform.

When it's possible, we release usefull code under BSD license.

Try us, join us

Try our products and get things done with elegant, clear, and simple software.

Are you a developer?

Our Developer site is where you'll find APIs, wrappers, opensourced code, and examples of how you can extend or integrate your products with our products.

Got questions?

Press inquiries, opportunities, and general questions, comments, and concerns should be sent to Benoît Chesneau, the company founder, via email.